TifBlair Centipede

TifBlair is an improved variety of Centipede developed by Dr. Wayne Hanna. It is said to be more cold tolerant than common Centipede and can be grown beyond the normal range making it suitable for areas in the more northern parts of the state.


Texture -Intermediate.
Shade Tolerance - Fair.
Soil Preference - Clay / Loam.
Fertility Requirement - Moderate.
Peak Mowing Requirement - 7-10 days.
Care Required - Moderate.
Reel or rotary mower, if sharp does an easy and attractive cutting job.
Does not look scalped when cutting is delayed too long and excessive growth removed.
Greens up rapidly after drought with irrigation or rainfall.
Suited to acid soils (pH range of 5.0 to 6.5).
Should be fertilized very sparingly.
Generally more trouble-free than other grasses.