Sod South Carolina


You are quite intent on installing a new lawn in the backyard of your Columbia, South Carolina, home and you wish to attain an end result that will still look exceptional well into the future. The perfect lawn will only be realized if the sod is installed in the proper manner because it is only then that you can have control over aspects of its health. This need not be much of a worry though because the professionals at Nimmer Turf can be relied upon to do a resplendent job.

However, even before you get to installation you must determine what selection of sod South Carolina you will use. The climate in Columbia is mostly warm and sunny with humidity and heat peaks being experienced in July while mild temperatures are experienced in February and March.  What therefore are your options in terms of grass varieties?

  • Celebration Bermudagrass

This variety of turf grass is a popular choice on account of its softness, eye-catchy blue-green color, resistance to drought, excellent recovery and resilience. Unlike other varieties of Bermuda grass this particular choice will need less mowing and its sturdy rhizomes and deep roots make for exceptional sod strength. Courtesy of its accelerated growth rate and the fact that it allows for easy weed control your production costs will be quite low.

  • Zeon Zoysia
The Zeon Zoysia variety is quite popular for its low maintenance nature, rapid spread rate, decreased probability of thatch production, superb shade tolerance, excellent hot weather tolerance, and exceptional recovery from injury. You will also be able to trim your lawn using a regular rotary type mower.

  • Palmetto St Augustine

This is a fine sod South Carolina option that in addition to home lawns can also be used for commercial landscapes. It has a brilliant emerald-green color, has excellent tolerance for heat and drought as well as frost and cold, it grows well in the shade, and is also very low maintenance. This variety is much appreciated for its environmentally-friendly attributes in that it requires less watering and minimal application of pesticides and fertilizer. With its fine aesthetic and technical characteristics it is really no wonder that it’s the world’s most popular variety of patented turf.

  • Common Centipede

This grass has its origins in China and its shade of green can be described as pale to medium. Although it grows slowly you can depend on it to produce a turf that is largely weed-free and of good density. Despite its aggressive nature it can be easily managed and it generally requires low maintenance. Centipede will quickly revert to a green color following rainfall or irrigation after a short drought. It requires minimal fertilizer application and does well in acidic soils.
You can definitely rely on the close to three decades expertise of Nimmer Turf as you look forward to greening up your backyard.