Sod Georgia


To realize a spectacular lawn in Augusta, Georgia, you will definitely need to begin by choosing an appropriate variety of sod. The landscape in this state is largely dominated by sandy soils while the climate mostly features soaring temperatures and high humidity. Multiple varieties of grass can be successfully grown across this state and Nimmer Turf will gladly install your choice of sod georgia at an affordable cost.

  • Celebration Bermudagrass

This variety has impressed courtesy of its ability to grow well in humid and hot locations that have clay or sandy soils. Of all commercial turf grasses it has the best shade tolerance and it also has exceptional drought resistance. You will definitely love its attractive blue-green color and soft texture.

  • Common Centipede

The Common Centipede requires moderate care and is largely trouble-free. It requires minimal application of fertilizer and will do well in acidic soils. Rainfall or irrigation will rapidly restore its green color following a spell of drought. You can achieve fantastic results by cutting it using a sharp rotary or reel mower.  

  • Palmetto St Augustine

This grass variety has a fine texture and is emerald-green in color. Its exhibits good tolerance for shade, drought and heat, and is well resistant in frost and cold conditions. This globally-popular grass is also very low maintenance.

  • Zeon Zoysia

This variety of grass is recognized for its fine texture. It is extremely resilient as can be evidenced by its excellent wear resistance, injury recovery and tolerance of hot weather. Its shade and salt tolerances are appropriate. It is preferably mowed at a height of 1-2 inches and a standard rotary mower can be used to do this. You will appreciate its low maintenance nature.


  • EMPIRE Turf

In addition to home lawns this grass variety can also be grown on golf courses, sports fields and parks. It is dark green in color and has a soft texture. It is durable, resilient in drought, and is well resistant to the Chinch bug. EMPIRE Turf is appreciated for its beauty and low maintenance requirements and is thus a very popular choice.

  • Other options that you can consider include the Tifway 419 and the TifBlair Centipede

For whatever sod Georgia you settle for, Nimmer Turf will certainly not hesitate to provide a thorough installation service courtesy of our seasoned crews. Sprigging services are also available upon demand. Further, Nimmer Turf is also well capable with regards to meeting your seeding and hydroseeding requirements for extensive acreages of land.