For our commercial landscape contractors. Nimmer Turf offers complete installation service. We have experienced crews and can install with sod slabs and 30 or 42 inch rolls. Each job is priced individually and a representative will meet with you on-site to develop a bid.


Custom sprigging of parks, sports fields, or golf courses is also available. We have a variety of sprig planters and are capable of meeting almost any sprigging need.

Seeding and Hydroseeding

Nimmer Turf also has extensive experience with helping customers with seeding and hydroseeding needs. One of our Brilleirn Seeders or our commercial Finn Hydroseeder machines can perfectly plant large scale areas quickly and affordably.


Efficient and courteous delivery is a standard at Nimmer Turf. With a clean fleet of company owned trucks and a team of experienced drivers, we can deliver your sod fresh from the field to any location in the Southeast.


Please also see our information about troubleshooting.

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   Nimmer Turf Install of Tifway 419 in Kingsland, GA    










   Nimmer Turf Hydroseeding of Tifway 419 in

   Kingsland, GA