Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote on sod?
Call our toll free number at (800) 847-2888 or fill-in our on-line quote form and one of our courteous and experienced salespeople will assist you. Additionally you may email us at

What size sod does Nimmer Turf offer?
Our sod harvesters have the ability to cut 16" x 24" inch slabs, 16 x 48 folds, 30 and 42 inch big rolls.

What is the difference in each turfgrass?
Refer to the Turf Varieties section for a complete description of our products and their characteristics.

Will St. Augustine grow in full sun?
St. Augustine thrives in full sun. Remember, Augustine is "shade tolerant" not shade "resilient".

How long will it take me to install sod?
Typically one person can install a 500 sq. foot pallet per hour.

How many square feet of sod is on each pallet?
St. Augustine and Zoysia pallets have 450 sq. feet and all other varieties have 500 sq. feet per pallet.

How many pallets are on a truck?
Our trucks can carry up to 18 pallets depending on soil moisture and the weight of the sod. A full truckload can safely deliver up to 9,000 sq. feet of sod.

Can sod be installed during the winter months?
Yes, unless the ground is frozen. Dormant installation is a standard practice. Ample water is still required for rooting and "green-up" should occur in the following spring.

Why is the grass "brown" during the winter months?
In South Carolina we grow "warm season" varieties that do go dormant after a few heavy frosts and then will "green-up" in the spring. Cool season grasses such as fescue and bluegrass will not withstand our hot humid summers.  Read more about dormant turf care.