Wednesday, February 24, 2010
EMPIRE Featured in National Magazine

Parks and Rec Business' February 2010 Edition article on EMPIRE Turf by Steve Yeskulsky

The article details the difference between drought tolerance and drought resistance and how it relates to different grass varieties.  EMPIRE's drought tolerance is highlighted in the article along with other benefits of using EMPIRE sod.  It also details some common stresses for the EMPIRE zoysia grass and some things to do to keep your lawn looking healthy.  Click the magazine cover to download the article.  The article has been reprinted with permission.

Thursday, February 04, 2010
Celebration - Best Bermudagrass for Shade

Bermudagrasses and shade usually don't get mentioned in the same breath. Bermuda cultivars just don't handle the conditions like other grass varieties. In fact, the quest to find that elusive shade tolerant bermuda has been the bane of many golf course superintendents over the years. There are a few select types of bermudagrass, however, that clearly handle limited sunlight locations better than others. The top-tested bermudagrass on the market for shade continues to be Celebration® Bermudagrass. Originally developed in Australia, Celebration has been the most consistent, best performing bermuda in diminished sunlight locations around the world. Celebration even beats out the University of Georgia's latest bermudagrass release TifGrandTM, which was selected specifically for its shade tolerance.

In the hunt for bermuda shade tolerance, university research has put these grasses to the test. Clemson University did a two year shade study of 42 bermudagrass cultivars in 2007. This study included both Celebration and UGA's TifGrand (then known as Tift No.4). Celebration was the only grass to get a "six" rating for overall shade tolerance. TifGrand finished in a three-way tie for second in the study with a "five" rating.

Celebration is known for its high marks in wear resistance and divot recovery, but many golf course employees have seen firsthand how it deals with shade. Courses having issues with trees and shaded tee boxes have seen Celebration work when others simply would not.

Consumers in any capacity, from golf superintendents to homeowners, must remember that all grasses need some amount of sunlight to survive. In some instances, grass itself just might not be the right option. An area completely devoid of direct sunlight might call for replacements like pine straw or mulch. But it you get a few hours of sun and are in the market for a bermudagrass that has the ability to handle and grow well in a shady area, you can't beat Celebration.

2007 Clemson University Shade Study