Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Celebration Bermudagrass Best at Combating Drought

Celebration after 60 days of drought Celebration after 60 day recovery period

In past university research studies, Celebration Bermudagrass has proven the best turfgrass among studied varieties for athletic traffic simulation, surface hardness, divot injury and wear recovery. San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has now reaffirmed perhaps its top attribute: Celebration's tenacity to survive and grow in low-water environments.

The aim of the SAWS drought simulation was to "weed-out" excessive water-using turf varieties while identifying top drought performing cultivars. The research became prudent because of a new ordinance in the San Antonio, Texas market requiring residential and commercial builders to install only approved turf varieties that featured summer dormancy capabilities for new construction in the city.

25 different turfgrass varieties were used in the study, including St. Augustine grasses, Zoysia grasses, Buffalo grasses and Bermudagrasses. 60 days of drought was simulated from July 23 to September 20, 2006. That two and a half month period was the hottest on record for the San Antonio area. After 60 days without water, Celebration was still green and growing. Following the initial 60 day stretch, the water was turned back on. After 60 more days of irrigation, Celebration recovered 100%; better that 23 other varieties. Only one other grass was able to equal that feat.

Constant research and testing reaffirms Celebration Bermudagrass as one of the most resilient turfgrass cultivars in the world. From golf courses and sports fields to home lawns and commercial applications, Celebration is quickly becoming "America's grass."