Landscaping SC


In as much as you would love to have a resplendent lawn that will be the talk of the neighborhood for years to come you must realize that success will not come easy. It is worth appreciating the fact that your lawn, like all others in Columbia, South Carolina, and indeed elsewhere around the globe, will occasionally have a problem (there is a plethora of these!) and you will be required to determine the cause and the best remedial course of action. As such, before you can begin your landscaping SC efforts there are a few crucial aspects that must be taken care of.

First and foremost you need to identify a suitable variety of grass for your lawn. The climate in South Carolina allows for the fine growth of several varieties including Centipede Grass, Celebration Bermudagrass, Zeon Zoysia and Palmetto St Augustine, all which are available courtesy of Nimmer Turf. All these grasses have different characteristics; by knowing what you have installed your troubleshooting process will be rather straightforward in the event that a problem arises.

Prior to sod installation it is also prudent to determine the area of grass cover that you wish to realize as this will be helpful during the application of fertilizer or pesticides. Soil analysis is also crucial as it’ll help you to determine the soil’s pH and nutrient balance.

With all these preliminaries having been taken care of it should be okay to contact Nimmer Turf and place an order for your desired variety and volume of sod. The fresh sod will be delivered to your location using our company truck/s whereupon the installation can commence thus marking the onset of your landscaping SC proper.

You will need to start taking care of your lawn immediately. It is of utmost importance to detect the presence of harmful insects and onset of diseases as soon as possible. Your lawn is likely to be attacked by various pests and diseases that are characteristic to given varieties of sod and it is for this reason that you must be well aware of what you are growing. You will thus be able to take immediate action to arrest the situation well before long-term damage has been done.

Application of fertilizer is an important aspect of realizing a healthy lawn. Once again it is prudent to know your variety of sod so as to choose appropriate fertilizers and which must be applied according to the stipulated guidelines. Irrigation/watering must be done appropriately; not too much or too little.