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A Premium, Low Maintenance St. Augustine

Sapphire St. Augustine is a superior homeowner’s grass, due to improved wear recovery and reduced weed problems. It truly is a “lawn to live on.”






Sapphire bullet Features excellent color retention Sapphire bullet Drought and heat tolerant
Sapphire bullet Hardwearing in demanding climates Sapphire bullet Fine leaf appearance with fast prostrate growth
Sapphire bullet Needs less maintenance, fertilization and water Sapphire bullet Blue-green color



Uses: Home Lawns - Commercial Landscapes

Sapphire St. Augustine is an attractive turfgrass with fast prostrate (horizontal) growth, purple stolon color and a long leaf blade that is highly infolded in mature turf, giving the grass a fine leaf appearance. Sapphire St. Augustine grass has a pleasing blue-green color, and has excellent color retention. Sapphire is hardwearing in demanding climates. Sapphire St. Augustine grass tolerates salt, shade, and drought. It performs well with less maintenance, fertilization and water. Sapphire is positioned to be a superior homeowner's grass, due to improved wear recovery and reduced weed problems.

Every so often the consumer comes along and finds a company with the right product to meet his or her budget. Today just might be your lucky day! You have come here to find out a little more about one of our staple offerings, the affordable Sapphire St. Augustine Grass.

At Sod Solutions, we believe customers should be matched with the perfect landscaping solution for a home through the trusted guidance of a landscaping supplier. Sod Solutions is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who work with landscaping products with passion. We will assist you in picking the right product. For example, one of our popular products for residential consumers is the durable Sapphire St. Augustine Sod Grass. It is targeted at the homeowner market because it represents an affordable alternative to more expensive sod grasses. For maximum wear and tear, this sod solution makes sense. Realize that it is known throughout the industry as a grass with a long shelf life. You can count on its durability and long-lasting color year after year. And you can also forget those high maintenance costs!

Sapphire St. Augustine Sod Characteristics are many. In one sense, this grass is tough because it performs consistently in drought conditions and lives strong in many weather patterns. Sapphire St. Augustine also exhibits a key growth feature – its long blades and purple stolons grow quickly across the lawn surface to cover bald patches instead of growing high quickly and causing you the headache of high-frequency mowing. The blue-green color of Sapphire is a stately alternative to bright green.

Where will Sapphire St. Augustine Sod Grow

This type of grass is often found in Florida, but it flourishes in other parts of the U.S., especially with a reputation for living through seasons of low rainfall. Our colorful Sapphire St. Augustine Sod Photos reveal why homeowners pick this grass. In plain terms, Sapphire St. Augustine grass can make even the most ordinary home look ripe with greenery, a thick cover for the lawn without a high amount of lawn care. If you do select this sod product, Sapphire St. Augustine Sod Care includes regular watering and the right application of fertilizers while the grass cover takes root in the soil and fills out to a beautiful, natural-looking lawn. For more on the optimum St. Augustine Grass Maintenance, we encourage you to consult one of our experts. Sapphire St Augustine is sold as Sod only. There is no St Augustine Grass Seed.