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Sapphire Lawn, South Carolina

“My Sapphire lawn is soft and springy: very comfortable to walk on. The yard stays greener longer than any of my neighbors’ yards, going into winter.”

     B. Roberts, homeowner
     Mt. Pleasant, SC


Commercial Development

"The bottom line so far is that Sapphire is a very promising grass; it could be one of the great turfgrasses. It has performed well at all U.S. (test) locations, even some where other St Augustines have really struggled. It is amazing how fast it grows in."

     Dr. David Y. Han, PhD
     Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
     Turfgrass Management Department of Agronomy and Soils
     Auburn University


Jonathan Brown

"From a production standpoint, Sapphire's grow-in time is 1 to 1-1/2 months less than other St Augustines. It seems to hold darker green color better than some hybrid semi-dwarf St Augustines. And, Sapphire appears to be more frost tolerant, staying green longer into the season. This can be a "positive" in areas of southern Florida where extended frost periods are not really an issue."

     Jonathan Brown, Manager for Farm Operations
     Bethel Farms
     Arcadia, FL