Best Maintenance Practices for Palmetto                        

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Palmetto in front lawn
  Palmetto rolls

To ensure optimum quality and performance of Palmetto, users must implement proper care and maintenance. This care and maintenance has been formalized above in the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Palmetto St. Augustine. These BMPs are written as a guide and should be modified as local climate, soil and environmental conditions dictate. It is important to note that no “magic fertilizer” or “super chemical” will solve all problems or make any turfgrass perfect.

Through consistent application of the BMPs and on-going evaluation, education and modification of these practices, however, users will greatly enhance the quality and performance of Palmetto St. Augustine. The described maintenance information also applies to many semi-dwarf St. Augustine grasses. It is recommended that users identify the specific variety of St. Augustine being utilized, and that information be gathered pertaining to BMPs for that cultivar.