EMPIRE Turf Research

EMPIRE graph
EMPIRE deficit irrigationEMPIRE greenhouse



Clemson University - Evaluation of EMPIRE Zoysiagrass at Elevated Rates of Herbicides



Texas A&M - Drought Tolerance & Drought Resistance - EMPIRE

Roberto Gurgel - Drought Tolerance Mechanisms for EMPIRE Turf


Fertilization & Deficit Irrigation

University of Florida - Fertilization, Deficit Irrigation and Nutrient Leaching Study


Mowing Frequency

Ozbreed Australia - Mowing Height and Frequency Among Turf Varieties

Erosion Control

Australia Crop & Nursery Service - Soil Strength


Research in Progress

Texas A & M, Dallas, TX – Drought Study – LGIS (Linear Gradient Irrigation System)

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM – Drought Study

Ruskin, FL – New Zoysias entries evaluations – Ongoing

More research upcoming