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EMPIRE - Reunion

"This is a great grass. It's shade tolerant, heat resistant and drought resistant. We can bring it up to an inch and a half and cut it with a regular rotary mower. We have had great response to EMPIRE from our owners. They like the look and feel if it because it is similar to the types of grass used in the north, where many of our homeowners are from."

     Mark Cole, Director of Golf Course Maintenance,
     Ginn Clubs & Resorts

EMPIRE is widely used for residential, commercial and golfside areas at Reunion Resort and Club near Orlando.


Kevin Klingerman

"I love this grass. When we started looking for an alternative to St. Augustinegrass, the first thing that attracted me to EMPIRE was esthetics. We are trying to create the aura of backyard Americana and I fell in love with the appearance of EMPIRE before we even began to evaluate its performance."

     Kevin Clingerman, Landscape Manager,
     Ginn Golf

Ginn has chosen EMPIRE exclusively for the common areas, home sites and for part of the golf courses at their Reunion Resort and Club of Orlando. The grass performed so well at Reunion that the company has now specified EMPIRE for all 11 of its communities in Florida, South Carolina and the Caribbean.


Residential Development

Ray Edwards

"My wife and I are very satisfied with our Empire Zoysia grass that has been down for almost 5 at years now. We find it to require very little fertilizer, is growing well under the trees, as well as in the full sun. We love the fact that the lawn does not have to be mowed every week in the summer and still has the look of a well kept lawn. The grass does not grow straight up as fast as other types of grass does, but seems to spread out, rather than up! We would recommend Empire Zoysia to anyone."

     Ray Edwards
     Mt. Dora, FL


Commercial Development

EMPIRE at Universal Studios

“We put EMPIRE Turf in two of our theme parks in Orlando, and it’s doing great. The grass is visually appealing and it holds up well to the traffic. We’re very pleased.”

     Barry McKently
     Director Landscape/ Technical Services
     Universal Studios Escape, Florida





“EMPIRE Turf is striking to look at and feel. We've featured it in three of our shows."

     Gary Alan
     The Designer's Landscape