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Chip Powell
“The two things that impress me the most about Celebration are its drought tolerance and low fertility requirements. Side by side plots with 419 in the field strongly suggest that you can produce superior turf with Celebration using significantly less water and fertilizer inputs.”

     Lewis C. "Chip" Powell,     
     Powell Golf Design Co.
     Bradenton, FL 34202


"I like the dark blue-green color. I am also impressed with the rapid lateral growth."

     Paul Crawford, Golf Superintendent
     Palm Beach Country Club
     Palm Beach, FL


"For me, the grass is fantastic. Celebration is on my tees, and has done well where other turfgrasses didn't work. Celebration is a lot tighter on the bunkers. It appears to have more shade tolerance than Tifway 419. I feel that it's done well for me so far; and, over time I'll have an even better feel for it as a replacement for other selections."

     Gary Snyder, Golf Superintendent
     Harbortown Golf Links
     Hilton Head, SC


"One of the most impressive things about this turfgrass is its density: it's thicker, denser, and greener than 419, and has about four times the horizontal growth. Celebration's root mass is intense. It has excellent shade tolerance. The color is just beautiful."

     Ken Burnett, Golf Superintendent
     Boynton Beach, FL

Parks & Recreation Sports Fields

Celebration - baseball field
“Celebration Bermudagrass has performed in all respects as described by Sod Solutions. This Turfgrass has had more rapid horizontal growth, and has withstood play better than other bermudagrasses. We are very happy so far with the end results.”

     Jody Peele
     Director of Public Services Town of Mt. Pleasant
     Mt. Pleasant, SC


Celebration - baseball
"Before switching to Celebration, I practically had to replace my football field between the hash marks every year; now, I don't have to. Celebration saves me time and money and looks great. I am converting all my athletic fields to Celebration."

     Cecil "Fig" Newton
     Director of Public Services, Athletic Field Supervisor
     Jacksonville Independent School District
     Jacksonville, TX


Celebration - soccer field
"Prior to choosing Celebration, I visited the polo fields at nearby Lakewood Ranch, where Celebration was installed. My first impression of the turf was how carpet-like it looked. I was equally impressed with how well it has held up under polo play. Two-months after installation of the rolled sod at our $300,000 soccer complex, I was impressed with how quickly Celebration tacked down, and that it was already thick and green."

     Bill Ward
     Parks & Recreation Manager
     City of North Port, FL

Mike Weaver
"Celebration has been a blessing to our school and athletic programs. It has been great for our limited budget because it requires little watering and low chemical maintenance. It has lived up to its 'Billing'."

     Mike Weaver, Booster Club
     Calvary Christian Warriors
     Clearwater, FL

Commercial & Residential

Vincent Morales
“Celebration Bermuda's shade tolerance, quick recovery from damage and overall growth appearance makes it GreenScape Associates' grass of choice for commercial and residential applications."

     Vincent M. Morales
     Vice President / General Manager
     GreenScape Associates, LLC

     Rosenberg, Texas