Georgia Sod


Nimmer Turf is well placed and capable to satisfy all your requirements for Georgia sod. We are a leading producer of the various types of sod that are suitable for growing superb lawns in Augusta and elsewhere across the state of Georgia. Some of these grass varieties include the Celebration Bermudagrass, Common Centipede, Palmetto St Augustine, Zeon Zoysia, EMPIRE Turf, as well as the Tifway 419 and the TifBlair Centipede. The various characteristics of these grasses are well described in the Turf Varieties section of our website and by making reference to the same you should be able to settle on an appropriate type of sod for your lawn or indeed any other application including golf courses, parks and sports fields.

There are a couple of reasons that make the use of sod more appropriate as compared to seeding. Despite the fact that seeding is substantially cheaper than sodding in the initial stages of developing a lawn it is worth observing that sodding is the cheaper alternative in the long term. With sods you get an immediate preview of what the end result will be. Further, with proper care the costs of lawn maintenance are largely going to diminish down the years.

  • So, why should you approach Nimmer Turf and place an order for a specified volume of say Common Centipede grass?

    • Sod will guarantee you of owning a brilliant lawn within just a couple of weeks. Here we are talking about a mature lawn suitable for residential homes. The same applies for golf courses, parks, sports fields, etc.
    • By installing sod lawn (a process that should only last for just a few hours) you get to increase the value of your property appreciably in addition to making your homestead more aesthetically beautiful
    • Provided that your yard can be tilled it is possible to install a sod lawn anytime all year long
    • There is much convenience in opting to install sod lawns and especially so when you have urgent landscaping requirements
    • The use of sod is recognized as being environmentally-friendly considering that the grass cover works to reflect the heat of the sun, to absorb carbon dioxide, and to release oxygen. Multiple varieties of Georgia sod require minimal use of water, fertilizers and chemicals and this works to spare vital water resources as well as to minimize pollution.

    The personnel at Nimmer Turf are all competent in their various job descriptions including sod production, inside and outside sales, as well as delivery and trucking. It is the work of our staff that has made us a leading provider of turfgrass solutions and you will certainly enjoy working with us to create your magnificent lawn.