Dormant Turf Care

It is easy to understand why dormant turf is neglected.  It appears to be "dead" and therefore needs no attention.  While the amount of care is reduced during dormancy, it still requires some attention to survive and thrive once dormancy is broken.

The winters in our area are very unpredictable.  You have cold, raw weather one day and balmy warm breezes the next.  This causes the grass to vacillate between full dormnancy and "waking up".

The main thing to remember is, the more the roots dry out the more desiccation and root loss you will suffer.  THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE OF NEWLY INSTALLED SOD.  It is therefore very important to monitor the soil for dryness and irrigate to keep the soil moist throughout the winter months.

Weed control may also be necessry.  For established grass, a pre-emergent may be the best answer.  For new sod, a post emergent is likely the best course of action.

If you have questions regarding the care of your lawn, you may want to rely on a landscape professional.. He or she will have the answers to insure your grass is green and healthy in the spring.