About Us


Roots are a vital part of quality turfgrass and "roots" have been a critical part of the development and success of Nimmer Turf Farm. To understand where the story began, one would have to go back almost five decades. The year was 1960 and F.A. Nimmer, Sr. (Buster) had the vision and the desire to invest in timber and farmland. The son of a Lebanese immigrant, he always had an immense love of the outdoors and the land around the Lowcountry of Jasper County.

As fate would have it, Buster had an opportunity to purchase land, just west of Ridgeland from Pilot Hunting club. Although the purchase would stretch him to his financial limit, Buster took a calculated risk and decided that to truly establish roots you must invest in the land.

The next 25-years were full of difficult times. Buster passed away suddenly in 1965 and his sons Joe and Fred inherited the land and the remainder of the 20-year mortgage. An erratic economy and difficult farming conditions made holding on to the land a challenge, and by the mid 1980's row crop farming in the area was almost nonexistent.  At this point, the picture was crystal clear and Fred began to research all possible farming alternatives.

At the suggestion of a family friend, Dr. Ansil King of Clemson University, Fred decided to give sod farming a shot. After careful calculation and investigation, the first crop of Centipede (100 acres) was planted in the spring of 1985.

Most people in the area thought he had lost his mind, but with hard work and a few lucky breaks, Nimmer Turf sold its first truckload of Centipede sod in May of 1986. It was a monumental day in the company history. Fred had beaten the odds and with that initial success, had planted "roots" that are still growing to this day.

20 years later

Since 1985 it has been an exciting and opportunistic time at Nimmer Turf.  Fred's sons, Tony and Bill, currently run the operation, and the "roots" their grandfather established 50-years ago have grown exponentially. Through dedication and preservation, Nimmer Turf Farm has become an established leader in the sod industry with over 3,000 acres and 9 varieties in production.

Nimmer Turf is blessed with an incredibly talented staff of turfgrass professionals. The inside sales staff boasts over 25-years of combined sales experience and is committed to complete customer satisfaction no matter the size of the order. They are the very best at handling those important details of each and every sod order and understand the necessity of a well-timed delivery.

The outside sales support team features two former golf course superintendents, who together combine 40 years in turfgrass management experience and sales support. They are committed to serving our clients with the highest level of onsite advice and guidance.

The sod production staff is one of the most experienced and qualified in the industry, and the production team has but one focus: dependable, superior quality on a year round basis. By mixing cutting edge technologies with proven practices they have stayed at the top of the turf industry.

And finally the last step in the process and as important is the delivery and trucking division, which has earned a reputation as one of the most dependable anywhere. With as many as 15 full time delivery trucks, Nimmer Turf stands ready to provide you with on time, safe and courteous drivers, to help your sod purchase be as pleasant and rewarding as possible.